Ground anchors




Ballast Nedam Spec. Grondverzet


Amsterdam Zuidas

WTC Tower Ten

Multiple Sonic techniques at one project

The World Trade Center on the Zuidas in Amsterdam will be expanded with a new tower “Tower Ten”. In addition to 32,000 square meters of office space, the new tower is provided with a two-layer underground parking facility. On behalf of Ballast Nedam Specialistisch Grondverzet, H5S is responsible for the horizontal anchoring of the construction pit, the installation of micropiles and afterwards 100% Sonic removal of the anchors.

The anchoring of the construction pit consists of three layers. The lower two layers are being installed and afterwards removed below groundwater level. To keep the construction pit dry, special anchor blocks have been used to minimize water flow during installation and removal. In addition to the groundwater, the many existing pile foundations around the construction pit are also a great challenge for the anchoring design. Many anchors are placed with both a vertical angle and horizontal angle (this is also called offset).

The installation of the micropiles is done from the ground level. To ensure that no piles are encountered during the excavation, they were installed directly below ground level


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