Sonic drilling and vibro technique




Burgerwindpark Molenblok



Wind turbine foundation for AVRI

H5S contributes to sustainable energy!

Commissioned by Burgerwindpark Molenblok (represented by Bop-Pro), H5S is responsible for installing the pile foundation for a new wind turbine. The wind turbine will be placed on top of a existing landfill. Because underground obstacles are expected in the existing landfill, it has been decided to pre-drill to the bottom of the old landfill using the Sonic drilling and vibrating technology. Project-specific drilling tools have been produced in order to be able to drill through a wide range of materials. After pre-drilling, 16 steel tubular piles with a diameter of 914 mm¹ and a length of up to 40 meters have been installed. On top of the steel piles a concrete slab will be realised as base of the wind turbine.

In close cooperation with the project supervisors of Bop-Pro, the project has been carefully prepared for safe and qualitative execution. To ensure that our employees can safely carry out the job, a remediation regime applies to the project. For H5S this is another project in which we contribute to the transition to a sustainable economy!

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