Ground anchors




Gebr. van 't Hek


Amsterdam Zuidas


100% removable grouted anchors stabilize a 13 meter deep construction pit.

An innovative and sustainable building with a total surface area of ​​75,000 m² will be realized on the Amsterdam Zuidas. Valley is a striking building with many green elements and will consist of a mixed area of ​​living, working and facilities. The maximum height of the three towers is no less than 97 meters. Underneath the building there is a three-storey car park with space for 375 cars and 1,850 bicycle parking places.

Impressive look at the construction pit

Commissioned by Gebr. van ’t Hek, H5S has installed an horizontal achoring for the temporary sheet pile construction of no less than 13 meters deep. The anchoring consists of one layer with 90 Sonic installad Grouted Anchors on three sides of the construction pit. Extra heavy anchors have been installed at the location of the crane platforms.

For this special project, the choice was made for 100% sonic removal of the grouted anchors. The removal of the grouted anchors will be done “over the head”. this means that the machine will drive around the construction pit and can remove the grout anchors over the sheet pile wall. The advantage of Sonic removal of the grouted anchors is that no steel segments remain in the ground after the end of the project. What remains in the ground are crushed grout residues. The advantage of Sonic Removal© is that any future construction projects next to this one will not interfence with  anchors that steyed behind in the ground.

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