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High 5 Solution installs 71 Sonic driven mircopiles in Wijchen

In Wijchen (the Netherlands), BAM Infra was working hard on the construction of a new underground parking garage. At the end of 2017, this underground garage will give space to 220 cars. There will be charging points for eight electrically driven cars. On top of the underground garage there will be place for 1.000 bicycles.

Recently, High 5 Solutions has installed 71 Sonic driven micropiles for BAM Infra to anchor the definitive basement floor. The micropiles with a length of 20 meters were installed from a working level and the anchor rods have been disconnected underground at a depth of approximately six meters below the working level. Due to the underground disconnection there will be no disturbance of steel rods in the soil that has to be excavated.

Thanks to the Sonic drilling technology, cone resistances up to 75 MPa and gravel layers in the underground formed no problems, so the micropiles were installed in the accordance with the project time schedule. An extra advantage of the Sonic drilling technology is that grout spoil is barely present. In the six meters of soil in which the piles were drilled, no grout columns have been formed!

This project identifies itself by challenging soil conditions and the disconnection of anchor rods below the working level. High 5 Solutions also made the execution design of the micropiles and the connection discs in the concrete floor.

A look into the building pit

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