Ground anchors




Gebr. van 't Hek



River Wall, Strand East

High 5 Solutions installs over 700 newly designed Sonic Screw Injection Blade anchors

For the redevelopment of the East Strand area in London, H5S was asked by Gebr. van ‘t Hek to actively contribute ideas for an anchoring solution for a new quay wall construction.In this project there is only a limited bearing sand layer and therefore all force has to be transferred on a limited grouted body . High 5 Solutions designed a new anchor to realise this, the so-called Sonic Screw Injection Blade Anchor. This anchor is capable of creating a high force transfer over a short distance thanks to its large grout body diameter.Prior to the execution, six anchors were installed to execute examination tests. After proofing the usability of the anchors they were taken into production and since then more than 700 anchors have been successfully installed and tested.

Our drill rig is well suited for the requested working position

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