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Boskalis Panama SA


Panama City

Ocean Reef Island II

Soil improvement for new islands in Panama City’s earthquake zone

Boskalis has realized two artificial islands in Panama City. These islands are part of the Ocean Reef project that consists of the construction of an exclusive and luxurious residential area. The islands consist of a dam of basalt blocks with a sand supplement in the middle.

Given that Panama is in an earthquake zone, there is a risk of liquefaction of the subsurface. When liquefaction occurs, the soil suddenly behaves like a liquid and therefore loses its strength. To ensure that the soil remains stable during an earthquake, H5S has been commissioned to apply soil improvement at various locations on both islands.

The soil improvement consisted of a 3D stabilization field that was realized with a permeation grouting system. For the injection of the injection fluids, we worked together with B&P Bodeminjectie.

In addition to carrying out the work on site, H5S also provided the design for the stabilization fields. The engineering mainly consisted of setting up a three-dimensional drilling grid to place the permeation grouting diagonally against the underground slope.

For this project, our SSD-CRS 18-ton drill rig was transported in a shipping container over the ocean.

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