Ground anchors




Gebr. van der Lee



Flevokust Terminal

For Gebr. van der Lee, High 5 Solutions designed, supplied, installed and tested 150 Sonic Grout-injection Anchors (hollow bar system) for the realisation of the Flevokust Harbour quay wall in Lelystad. The anchors with a length up to 40 metres, are within the heavy segment of the hollow bar systems and have to resist loads up to 200 (metric) tons!

Besides the supply and installation of the anchors, High 5 Solutions also engineered and delivered the support constructions for the anchors on the sheet piling. For this support constructions, steel plates with a thickness of 90mm are used!

Due to the phasing of the project, an alternative work sequence is chosen. First, the support constructions are assembled to the sheet piles. Then the drill head with a minimum length of bar is assembled on to the support construction. Then the earth fill behind the sheet pile is executed, and the anchors are drilled trough the support construction. The drilling is done ‘overhead’ so no pontoons are needed for the installation of the anchors. Given the weather circumstances during execution, the chosen work method without pontoon was a good one.


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