About us

High 5 Solutions, also known as H5S, is a young company that is mainly active in foundation engineering. Both nationally (in the Netherlands) and internationally, we are executing projects using our patented sonic drilling and vibro technique. For example, we install ground anchors and micropiles for excavation sites and building foundations. We are also experienced in several grouting techniques used to prevent or compensate for the settlement of buildings, underground pipes and other objects. The sonic technique is also suitable for different (destructive) drilling, and vibration projects in construction, civil engineering, offshore and remediation work.

H5S can provide the following products and services for your projects:

• supply and sonic installation of ground anchors®;
• sonic (100%) removal of ground anchors®;
• supply and installation of micropiles;
• testing of ground anchors and micropiles;
• compensation grouting;
• destructive drilling in rock, concrete, and steel;
• pre-drilling in hard soil conditions;
• drilling works for environmental/remediation projects;
• sonic installation of PE-pipes for horizontal soil sealing (permeation grouting)®.
• installation of Tubes a Manchettes (TAM), for use with such activities as compensation grouting;
•engineering for all disciplines mentioned above.

H5S wants to participate in challenging projects that demand the complete capability of our people and equipment. Challenges in design and realization, but also in unexpected situations during execution, brings out the best in us: we strive to solve any problem we come across. Our partners can rely on us from start to finish.

The company H5S originates from the co-operation between five entrepreneurs with backgrounds in geotechnics, heavy lifting and transport, grouting techniques and soil investigation. With a team of highly motivated people, we draw upon a realization base of knowledge and experience.

Futureproof from our modern business location

Since 2020, H5S has been conducting its activities from a new business location in Vianen. Our location is located directly near the A2 and A27 highways and therefore centrally located. With the modern facilities, workshop and storage capacity, we can manage the total package of our services from one location. We are proud to invite you to come by for a visit.

Our location in Vianen

The vision of High 5 Solutions

The complexity of construction and infrastructure is increasing worldwide. This is due to population growth in cities and the demands that our society places on the quality of life. Globalization leads to an ever increased use of our infrastructure. Inconvenience during a building project has to be limited to a minimum. Furthermore, due to demand for a sustainable world, we are expected to be smart and economical with the raw materials that are available and the emissions generated during the realization of our projects.

Foundation engineering can contribute to these needs by applying reduced vibration techniques and other methods that prevent damage to surrounding objects. The use of modern equipment, temporary systems and limited use of raw materials contribute to a more sustainable construction process.

All these demands need further innovation, and from that vision stems ours.

The mission of High 5 Solutions

Through the use of the sonic drilling and vibration technique, and grouting techniques, H5S wants to contribute in solving technical challenges that accompany complex construction projects. By applying 100% removable ground anchors, we contribute to an economic construction process and help our clients prevent leaving behind residual materials in a future third-party property. Performing compensation grouting helps prevent potential damage to buildings and infrastructure during settlement-sensitive activities.

H5S machinery is specifically designed to use less fuel and additives than its competitors during the execution of our projects.

Innovation stands at the heart of our organization, with the continuing search for new ways to apply our technique — making the seemingly impossible possible.

At the heart of our techniques stands an enthusiastic team that boasts short lines, quick reactions and a pragmatic approach.

Our key values

• Safety and pleasure on the job guaranteed;
• Making the impossible possible;
• Creating innovative solutions;
• Sustainable (re)use of materials.

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