Sonic drilling and vibro technique

Aside from making ground anchors and micropiles, the sonic drilling and vibro technique is especially suitable for:

• Installation of PE-tubes for horizontal soil sealing (as an alternative to underwater concrete);
• Pre-drilling in very hard soil conditions, for example prior to the installation of foundation piles, or vertical drainage strips;
• Destructive drilling in hard rock, concrete, or even steel elements;
• Deep drilling for soil sampling (sonic sampling);
• Installation and removal of casing tubes, for example, thermal remediation, dewatering, measurements, or ground freezing;
• Installation of Tubes a Manchettes (TAMs) for compensation grouting and permeation grouting.

The benefits of the sonic drilling and vibration technique for the items listed above include:

• very limited effect of vibration to surrounding objects due to sonic frequencies.
• high accuracy installation (with little deviation).
• ability to penetrate in very hard soil conditions >20 MPa (sand) or 250 MPa (rock).
• installation speed.
•limited use of energy and additives in comparison to conventional drilling techniques.

Please contact us if you are you interested in using the sonic drilling and vibro technique in your project. We will gladly advise and assist you.

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