Buy or rent ground anchors at H5S. We take care of installation and complete removal.

Sonic installation and 100% removal

Ground anchors (grouted anchors)

Ground anchors are often used in quay walls, canal walls and construction pits. Ground anchors consist of single rods, strands or hollow bars with a grouted body at the bottom. Ground anchors are used to increase stability and to limit horizontal deformation of retaining constructions.

Ground anchors can be used for both temporary and permanent constructions. H5S takes care of the supply, installation, testing and eventual removal of complete ground anchor systems.

Sonic installation of grouted anchors®

H5S uses modern equipment and the sonic drilling technique to install all known ground anchors from both land and water. The sonic drilling technique is especially suitable for tough soil conditions (hard soil >20MPa). In most cases, we only use water to drill the anchors at depth to form the required grout body. This results in lower use of grout mortar and drill fluids as we do not need much to get to the drilling depth. In addition, the spill of drilling fluids and grout mortar inside the construction pit is limited due to the sonic drilling. The installation of grouted anchors with the sonic drilling technique is revolutionary and patented by H5S.

100% sonic removal of grouted anchors®

With our patented sonic technique, we are the only company that is capable of removing 100% of the grouted hollow bar anchors. Due to sonic removal, only fractured grout/cement residue is left behind in the soil. Thanks to this technique, ground anchors are no longer an obstacle for future building projects and surrounding third-party properties at your project. This is a major advantage for real estate developers and aids in receiving building permits. In addition to the advantages in the situations above, we are proud to say that the 100% sonic removal of ground anchors contributes to an economic building process and helps reduce the waste of building materials. From a commercial and economic perspective, H5S can provide its clients extra benefits by providing anchors in a temporary buy and buyback construction.

Engineering and testing

As we are specialized in ground anchors, we also provide our clients with complete engineering packages for anchoring systems. Bear in mind that smart engineering combined with the possibility of a buyback contract can lead to economic solutions.

Another important part of ground anchors is load testing to confirm the design criteria of the grouted body. H5S is capable of executing most commonly used tests, including acceptance tests, suitability tests and examination tests based on EN1537.

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