The machine park of H5S is all-around, future-oriented and innovative. With our in-house developed drilling machines and grout mixing units, we offer our partners specialized equipment, capable of almost every project. Thanks to efficiently designed machine dimensions, worldwide shipping of our equipment is an easy task.

All our drilling machines are equipped with U.S. EPA Tier 4 final engines and limit the emission of hazardous exhausts.

The sonic drill head, with a frequency range of up to 180 Hz, allows us to work almost every soil condition and even with underground obstacles present.

For the testing of ground anchors and micropiles, we have multiple hollow plungers available with a capacity up to 500 ton. The hollow plunger can be equipped with load cells, allowing us to offer a complete measurement programme.

HFS-Sonic Drill Rig: An allround machine

The 55-ton drill rig is a real all-rounder for the activities of H5S. A 10-metre long standard leader is fitted to Caterpillar 336FL, equipped with a LargeRotoSonic drill head. The rig is capable of drilling 360° around itself and in angles of 0 to 90°. If needed, the leader length can be changed to different lengths between 4 to 19 metres. In its standard configuration, the HFS-Sonic Drill Rig can be transported on a flatbed trailer without extra transport permits (applicable in the Netherlands, please check regulations in your country).

We would like to illustrate the versatility of our equipment with the case below: a construction pit with grouted anchors, micropiles and horizontal soil sealing (permeation grouting).

After installation of the sheet piles, H5S comes into action and installs the grouted anchors, micropiles and PE-tubes for the soil sealing in one phase. All this is executed with only one machine, without the need for extra equipment.

HFS-Sonic Drill Rig brochure


The allround H5S-Sonic Drill Rig at work in Rotterdam’s harbour ”Maasvlakte”

SSD-CRS: Ideal on water or at small sites

Our 18-ton and 15-ton drilling machines are both equipped with CompactRotoSonic drill heads and are well-suited for project locations with limited working space and working in water-based locations. These machines can drill hollow bars or tubes to a segment length of 4 metres.

The above machines can all be driven into a shipping container and therefore can be shipped worldwide with short notice.

SSD-CRS 18 ton brochure


The SSD-CRS drilling machines are well suited for working on water.

500 Ton Jacking Frame

To execute an examination test on anchors, micropiles, or other elements, our jacking frame can be applied. The jacking frame consists of four cylinders placed on a top and bottom frame. The cylinder heads are able to rotate due to their curved shape and hollow sockets, allowing them to spread the load evenly onto the frame. On top of the frame, two washer plates are mounted, between which load cells can be placed. The cylinders can be fixed by locknuts. The maximum capacity of the frame is 5400 kN.

Jacking frame in action during an examination test. At the moment this picture was taken the applied force on the grouted anchor was over 500 tons.


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